Our Basic Package Gives You the Templates You Need to Start Building More Profitable Relationships!

Most business professionals LinkedIn profiles are just taking up space. They are sitting there like a lump on a log – not doing anything for the profile owner. And, in many cases, the C-Level Executive, Sales Executive, Business Development Manager, Consultant, Professional Service Firm or Small Business Owner has gotten so frustrated that they gave up.

That’s why that out of the 100+ million people on LinkedIn®, only a few successful companies (many of which are our clients) are using LinkedIn® to its’ fullest profit-making potential.

That’s Why In Our Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates Basic Package, You’ll Find…

100+ Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines – Your LinkedIn profile headline is often your one and only chance to reach out and grab the viewer’s attention and persuade them to learn more about you.

Plus, your headline determined, in large part, how high you will appear in LinkedIn search results when people are searching for professionals like you.

Now, you’ll be able to instantly grab your prospects’ and potential referral sources attention and pull them into your profile. This will automatically increase the chances that they’ll connect with you instead of your competition.

LinkedIn Profile Quick Start Templates – Once you pull in prospects, potential referral sources and the media with your LinkedIn profile headline, you want to keep them on your profile so they can learn how they’ll benefit from your connection.

That’s why you want to use our LinkedIn Profile Quick Start Templates to give your profile summary and experience section the enhancements it needs to:

  • Pique curiosity and have prospects, potential referral sources and the media emailing you for more information
  • Prove you are the expert
  • Instantly connect and resonate with targeted audiences
  • Pre-sell prospects on your products and services
  • Funnel connections back to your website
  • Show the media why you are the expert and why they should feature your organization

Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates – Once you create your LinkedIn profile (and have a strong foundation thanks to our Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates), it’s time to build your community. That’s why we’re giving you:

  • Our step-by-step LinkedIn marketing lead generation system
  • Templates to create and manage your LinkedIn® group
  • Group description templates that will literally grab prospects by their throats and pull them inside your group
  • Group discussion templates so you keep your group members active and engaged
  • Email templates that you can use to invite people to connect (and you can be sure they will say yes!), invite connections to your group (it’s time to start building your herd!) AND invite group members to connect further and much more!
  • “FREE Strategy Session That Converts” Template that Kristina uses at Get LinkedIn® Help to convert at least 45% of her networking and strategy calls into a sale.

How to Get the Right Testimonials for Your LinkedIn® Profile Special Report – Inside this special report we’ll show you how to get recommendations that offer specific, measurable results.

A testimonial that says “she is nice to work with” or “he always answers his e-mail” isn’t going to differentiate you from the herd. If anything, it will leave people wondering if you have achieved any actual results for clients at all.

The truth is… if a testimonial doesn’t describe your process or how you have helped them specifically, then it’s not doing any good for you!

With our basic package, you’ll get all the templates described above plus the testimonials special report for just $97!

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