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Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates

From the Desk of:
LinkedIn® Marketing Expert Kristina Jones

Hey girl!

Most people focus their social media marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter, which are definitely great tools to use. However, no other social media platform allows you to target the exact media professionals, JV partners, referral sources and prospects that you should connect with. To me, when you engage in marketing on Facebook and Twitter, you are taking a scattershot approach. However, with LinkedIn® you can pinpoint the exact types of people you want to be connected to and do business with.

LinkedIn® isn’t the same networking site you may have joined a few years ago. Now, it’s a member of the New York Stock Exchange (on the day of its IPO, it’s stock rose more than 90%!) It has more than 100 million affluent, ambitious and influential members in over 200 countries that marketers like yourself can connect to by establishing your own community, leveraging rich profile based targeting efforts and provoking thought leadership conversations throughout its social networks.  Its new apps, widgets and features make it easier than ever to connect with the most influential business people and others who are just itching to buy from you.

But for LinkedIn® marketing to work, you must have an effective profile AND strategy that will help you create an influential circle of contacts that are like gold! That’s why I offer you…

#1: 100+ Fill-in-the-Blanks
LinkedIn® Profile Headline Templates

Your headline is the very first thing prospects see besides your name. So, like a sales letter headline it needs to pull prospects in. You need to give prospects a reason to read your profile and connect with you – especially when it’s too easy to view your competitors’ profiles. Look at the actual screen shot below and tell me which headline grabs your instant attention. Is it the one that mentions Owner… or CEO, or does Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber’s profile stand out because it has a call-to-action and strong benefits?

To help you create your headline, I’m making it easy for you by providing you with 100+ different fill-in-the-blank headlines along with examples.

Now, I’m giving you 100+ different profiles so you can play around with it. Test and tweak your headlines to see what gives you the best response. You should always be trying to improve your profile, and that’s why I give you so many options to choose from. See what works for you.

#2: LinkedIn® Profile Quick-Start Templates

I created these Instant LinkedIn® Profile Templates for 4 main reasons…

Reason #1. I’m simply tired of seeing LinkedIn® profiles that look like plain, boring resumes.

How is just looking at current and past positions and a listing of services that you provide going to sell yourself, your business and your offerings on LinkedIn®? Simple – It’s not!

You have to think of your profile as a marketing tool and not a resume. (Within this workbook, you will discover why!) Now, I know this might be difficult for people with little to no marketing experience – but that is where I come in.  I have spent a great deal of time developing templates that will walk you through the complete process.

Reason #2. I’m tired of people being ripped off by so-called LinkedIn® experts.

On a recent strategy call, I explained to a prospect how he needed some serious work on his profile before he can implement my LinkedIn® marketing tips. He was shocked as he spent nearly $600 on his profile. Yet, his headline just stated his position. It was not like the ones found in our 100+ Fill-in-the-Blank LinkedIn® Profile Headlines Workbook.The profile was not optimized. The summary and experience sections read like a resume. It did not engage me. Nor, did it make me want to learn more about him.

Now, my templates give you control. All you have to do is take the information that’s inside your head and place it within the worksheets exactly where I tell you to. I provide the format, the structure and the organization. I’m even giving you the additional opportunity to have me personally review your LinkedIn® profile once you complete it using our templates.

Reason #3. I know and understand the value of becoming a thought leader and setting yourself apart from your competition.

People trust my advice and invest in my products and services because I proved myself to be an expert. I gained their respect – and that would not have happened if I did not set myself apart.

You need to do the same thing on LinkedIn®.

You need to show, why should I connect with you – and not your competition? How do I know that you are the expert if your profile has the same look and feel as everyone else?

With my Instant LinkedIn® Profile Templates, you have access to more than 20 different summary templates and 10 different experience templates that will…

  • Prove you are the expert
  • Help you instantly connect with prospects
  • Pre-sell prospects on your books, products and services
  • Show prospects why they need to connect with you now
  • Funnel connections back to your website
  • Show the media why you are the expert and why they should feature you
  • Describe to connections why they should create a referral relationship with you
  • Plus, much more…

Reason #4. There is no other LinkedIn® template product out there on the market.

NO ONE is giving you the structure, format and organization. NO ONE is giving you unique ideas. NO ONE is giving you successful examples to model. NO ONE is showing you how to effectively use the specialties, contact sections and other elements within your profile. NO ONE is making it easy for you to market on LinkedIn®. And, that’s why that out of the 100+ million people on LinkedIn®, only a few successful companies and internet marketers (many of which are our clients) are using LinkedIn® to its’ fullest profit-making potential.

Most people’s profiles are just taking up space. They are sitting there like a lump on a log – not doing anything for the profile owner. And, in many cases, the small business owner or internet marketer has gotten so frustrated that they gave up.

It’s about time that someone gives you a template to follow for your LinkedIn® profile and for your LinkedIn® marketing efforts. It’s about time that someone makes it easier for you. And, that someone is me! I used my experience building profiles to create templates for you to use to help you through the process because I know how daunting it can be. I didn’t become a LinkedIn® marketing expert overnight. I spent over 2 1/2 years working day and night learning all of the ins and outs. I talked to the top internet marketers. And, I completed my own experimenting. I didn’t have someone walking me through the process. I had to learn most of it on my own.

But, now you can have someone walking you through the process!

#3: Instant LinkedIn®
Marketing Templates

Now, if I just gave you the 100+ Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines and the Instant LinkedIn® Profile Templates, it would be worth the extremely low price of $77 that I’m charging (for a limited time only!) But, I like to pile on value.

So, I thought – What good is helping you create an effective profile if you don’t market it properly?

That’s why in my Instant LinkedIn® Marketing Template E-Book I am…

  • Showing you the 5 reasons most businesses and internet Marketers fail to see the value of LinkedIn® marketing
  • Providing you with our step-by-step LinkedIn® Marketing and Lead Generation System
  • Teaching you how to create and manage your LinkedIn® group
  • Explaining to you why people are failing to join your group
  • Telling you why most group owners on LinkedIn® do not benefit from their group
  • Giving you group summary templates that will get your group instant attention
  • Providing you with group description templates that will literally grab prospects by their throats and pull them inside your group
  • Offering you group discussion templates so you keep your group members active and engaged
  • Hand-feeding you email templates that you can use to invite people to connect (and you can be sure they will say yes!), invite connections to your group (it’s time to start building your herd!) AND invite group members to connect further. Yes, you will get an email template that will help you book free strategy sessions that convert. You will get an email template that will have people wanting to connect with you to see how you can work together or how you can become referral partners. You will get an email template that will help you reach out to editors, bloggers, online radio show hosts, reporters, publishers and other media professionals so you can get more publicity. You’ll also get an email template that you can use for meeting planners, steering committee members, conference hosts and key members within associations so you can get more speaking opportunities.
  • Supporting your LinkedIn® marketing efforts by giving you event and announcement templates – this way you turn more LinkedIn® connections into actual prospects and clients!
  • Giving you our “FREE Strategy Session That Converts” Template that I use at Get LinkedIn® Help – I tested, tweaked and perfected this template so much that 75% of our strategy sessions end up with a sale!

Take Advantage of the Unlimited LinkedIn® Marketing Opportunities
That Are Right In Front of Your Face

#4: How to Get the Right Testimonials for Your LinkedIn® Profile Special Report

LinkedIn® places such a great emphasis on recommendations and testimonials that you cannot achieve a 100% complete profile rating unless you have 3 recommendations. I guess that’s why I have people asking me for a recommendation for their work just because I am connected to them. Of course, my answer is no because…

#1 – I don’t recommend anyone who I haven’t worked with or who hasn’t worked with me. My reputation is on the line.

#2 – Not all testimonials are created equal. If a testimonial doesn’t describe your process or how you have helped them specifically, then what good is it? I, the customer, do not care if you are liked. I care about what you can do for me.

This special report will show you how to get testimonials like…

I immediately stopped what I was doing and redid both my LinkedIn profile headline and the identity of the LinkedIn group I run–and now I have lots of good ideas to promote that group and turn it into a viable community. Thank you, Kristina!

Shel Horowitz
Marketing Strategist
Primary Author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green


Kristina, I wanted to thank you and recommend your products for LinkedIn Profiles. I purchased them and followed your templates and my LinkedIn profile went from completely empty to completely professional. I have had testimonials, been published and still didn’t know how to use those tools to my advantage. Your tools gave me that. Since then I have had more connections, more recommendations, and more conversations with potential customers. Always remembering to use the call to action skills I learned from your templates. Thank you and yes you can use this as a testimonial in all your marketing materials.

Shasta McLaughlin
Owner, The Extravaganza Craft Productions


Kristina at uses a thorough interview process to learn about you and your business to build a compelling LinkedIn® profile that has business owners coming to us saying, “Wow! What a profile. Let’s talk to see how we can work together.”

If you need help in best presenting yourself, your services and your value to elicit connection, we highly recommend working with her. Without her, we would not be able to make connections with executives in top global companies like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Sara LaForest and Tony Kubica
Founding Partners. Kubica LaForest Consulting

And, testimonials like this one that Eric Gruber gave to Kristina…

“33.8% Increase in Website Traffic!”

I can’t believe the power of having my own LinkedIn® group. I now have over 900 followers, which I provide content to every day. By following your LinkedIn® strategies, my website traffic has surged (33.8%).

And, every day, I’m getting new product orders that state the referrer as: LinkedIn® Group.

Eric Gruber
Founder, Article Marketing Experts

And, this testimonial…

“150 New Subscribers, Four New Coaching Clients, $6,259 In Immediate Profits, And Two Media Interviews!”

Leveraging the full power of LinkedIn® has been the “secret ingredient” that has, in just the past 5 months, taken me further toward achieving “authority” status as a website conversions expert than I moved in three years PRIOR.

While everyone else bets the whole farm exclusively on their tweets and status updates, I continue to catapult my business using LinkedIn®. Thanks Kristina!

Adam Hommey
Founder, Help My Website Sell™

#5: Instant Article Writing Templates

Now, with these article templates you’ll be able to quickly create content for your group and up to 50 other groups where your prospects belong to. That means, you can have your content in front of 50,000 different people with just 1 click. But, first you need to create the content.

Great news! Article marketing expert Eric Gruber created more than 40 different article formulas and templates that will help you write your articles in 30 minutes or less – even if you think you can’t write articles.

Watch this video to see how these article templates can help you:

Article Templates Value: $47.00

So How Will My Instant LinkedIn® Marketing &
Article Writing Templates Help You?

With my Instant Templates Kit you will:

  • Remove all the frustration out of creating an effective LinkedIn® lead generation system
  • Create high quality articles on virtually any subject in just minutes
  • Become an “INSTANT EXPERT” in the eyes of your prospects
  • Develop ALL THE CONTENT you will ever need for your LinkedIn® profile, your blog (that should be mixed in with your LinkedIn® marketing) and for your LinkedIn® group
  • Get started so much faster, as you will see LinkedIn® profile headline, summary and experience section examples. You’ll also get email examples. Plus an article example for each template
  • Blast your name out all over the Internet (this can create a huge tidal wave of traffic and generate an overwhelming amount of paying customers)
  • Expand your local reach to a global audience
  • Slash your promotion time investment
  • Boost your mailing list base. By mixing article marketing and LinkedIn® marketing, you will increase your ezine subscribers by 10 to 25 per day.
  • Build your brand at least 10 times faster than average

So, if you act now, you’ll get…
  • 100+ headlines
  • 20+ templates to help you complete your summary profile section – plus 10 templates for your experience section. I even give you an opportunity to get a customized template for your niche if the ones I provide do not fit your need.
  • A full collection of LinkedIn® marketing templates including email templates
  • A Free Strategy Session That Converts Template
  • Special report on how to get the right testimonials
  • 40+ Instant Article Writing Templates
  • Instant Bio Box Templates
  • Plus a couple extra surprises

For just — $77!

To Your LinkedIn® Success,


P.S. I am even offering you my

365-Day Achieve Results or Get Your Money Back and More Guarantee

I guarantee that if you use my LinkedIn® marketing templates and instant article writing templates, you’ll be able to create a profile that attracts the attention you deserve, market your business on LinkedIn®, create your own community with content that you can write (in many cases in 30 minutes or less) and make more money online.If by some chance you find that these templates do not work for you then please email me at [email protected]. I’ll give you a free strategy session where I’ll analyze your efforts and uncover your exact problem along with a solution.  If you are still having problems and if I am unable to solve your issue then I’ll refund your investment to you in full – with no questions asked and I’ll build your LinkedIn® profile for you at no charge. That’s a $495 service that you’ll get for free along with a complete refund.

That’s how much confidence I have in my products.


It’s easy to get started right away. Just click here and you can have immediate access to the Instant LinkedIn® Marketing Templates and Instant Article Writing Templates Kit along with your bonuses right on the spot – even if it’s 3am. Order now!

P.P.S. Want to just get the Instant LinkedIn® Marketing Template collection for $47 without the article templates – then click here.

Want to just get the article templates for $47 – then click here.