Why recruiters should have their own job board

Job boards often get a hard time from recruiters and we get it, we really do. You pay high amounts each month, to advertise your jobs amongst all of your competitors, to receive a high volume of often irrelevant CVs.

Forget advertising on a job board, why not own a job board!

We are aware that owning a job board is a new concept for many recruiters, so we are going to put our cards on the table and unleash the magic behind owning a specialist job board.

Three is the magic number

Owning a specialist job board brings three Aces to your business: Unique Candidates, New Business and a USP.

Who doesn’t want more of all of the above?

Unique Candidates

Speaking to a number of recruiters every day, it is clear that the current talent shortage is affecting many industries and resulting in lots of recruitment brands being candidate led. Finding those unique candidates is a priority to most recruitment businesses and a specialist job board can do just that.

Candidates are becoming a lot savvier with their job searches; they don’t want to trawl through countless of irrelevant jobs on mainstream job boards. Many candidates now turn to job boards specifically designed to their industry as they will find their ideal job at ease and can rest assured that those advertising there specialise in that area.

A specialist job board will bring you candidates that your competitors may not have come across. How did we come to that conclusion? Think about it, when you advertise on mainstream job boards you will find many of your competitors are doing the same and chances are, any applications and CVs you have received, so have your competitors. It is then a race against time to see who gets the CV to your main clients first. This isn’t a bespoke service and leaves the client with a bad impression of your recruitment business.

What would be a lot better is if you advertised on a source whereby you are attracting candidates who are running specific searches in Google and arriving at your specialist job board where they apply for your jobs only – going nowhere near your competitors!

New Business

Recruitment is a tough game. The market is saturated, it has got to be the most competitive industry to work in. No, we are not trying to scare you in to a change of career, honestly! We are simply highlighting the importance of differentiating yourself from your competitors, otherwise you’re just going to drown in the noise.

When approaching a client to win new business they often want to know why they should use your services.

When asked this question from a prospective client, what’s your usual party line?

‘We have been recruiting in this sector for X years’ ‘We work with some big names in the industry’ ‘I am a specialist in this sector’.

How many times do you think the client has heard these answers before from countless of other recruiters operating in your sector? A lot!

But, how many times do you think they’ve heard this answer:

‘We operate our own niche job board, proving us to be: specialist in this sector, a market leader and providing us with a unique route to market.’

My guess is not very often….

By showcasing that you own a specialist job board in their niche market you are reiterating the fact that you know the market and provide something different from your competitors. This has proven to win new business and even get recruiters onto PSLs!


Every recruiter is in search of another USP, that little something that sets them apart from their competitors, something which shows they are constantly evolving and ensuring they provide the best possible service.

Owning a specialist job board will do all of that, setting you apart from your competitors and helping you to establish yourself as a leader in your market.

So there you have it, the three main benefits of owning a specialist job board. What do you think?

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