Thursday, September 21


Get More Prospects, Potential Referral Sources and the Media Reading Your Profile

Before we show you how our Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates and 100+ Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines will help you get more prospects, potential referral sources and the media reading your profile, let us ask you a question:

Whose LinkedIn profile would you open up and read first:

Choice 1: A LinkedIn profile with the headline “VP of Business Development for Single Point of Contact” next to the person’s name

Choice 2: “Before Investing In My Managed IT Services, Shorenstein Realty Spent $750K Per Year on IT Support. I Cut Capex By 43%”

Let me tell you, that almost immediately after Fernando Leon (VP of Business Development for Single Point of Contact – a Managed IT Service Provider Firm) changed the headline, he received an email on LinkedIn from another real estate management company asking for a case study on how they cut Shorenstein Realty’s expenses. (For those who do not know – Shorenstein Realty is one of the oldest, most respected real estate management firms in the country so this provided Single Point of Contact with amazing credibility!)

Now, take a look at these LinkedIn profile headline examples:

Now, just by changing your LinkedIn profile headline with our 100+ Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines,  you’ll start getting more prospects, potential referral sources and the media opening up your profile and reading it.  Plus, inside the LinkedIn template collections below, you’ll find out how to optimise your LinkedIn profile so you can get found more in LinkedIn search so you’ll have more people viewing your headline and your profile!