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Kristina’s Instant LinkedIn Marketing Template Maximum Support Program for Business Leaders Who Want the Most Leverage

This is the most complete LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn marketing support program that we can create.  You’ll get all the templates and support in the “Basic” and “Value-Added Programs” which include:

  • 100+ Fill-in-the-Blank Headlines that will instantly grab prospects, potential referral sources and the media’s attention
  • LinkedIn Profile Quick Start Templates that will help you create summaries and expert positions that will “wow” your targeted audiences and have them wanting to connect with you
  • Instant LinkedIn Marketing Templates that are filled with all the templates you need to build your community and create a step-by-step LinkedIn lead generation system
  • How to Get the Right Testimonials Special Report so you get LinkedIn recommendations that move prospects further down your sales funnel
  • LinkedIn Profile Review on Video BEFORE you even get started with your LinkedIn profile makeover – This way your LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina can share with you what needs to be changed, tweaked, added or removed and how! She’ll reveal   simple ways to position yourself on LinkedIn® as an expert authority in your field along with tips and strategies on how to utilize the most-up-to-date features of LinkedIn® to your advantage.
  • Actionable advice (with real examples) on how you can attract clients through your LinkedIn® profile – all on video! Plus show you how you can get more LinkedIn® profile visitors to go to your website to get on your list and buy from you.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review on Video AFTER  you complete your LinkedIn profile makeover so you get even more substantive and technical suggestions for improvement
  • Free Next Steps Strategy Session

You’ll also get access to:

  • 40+ Instant Article Writing Templates that will help you create all the social media content you need to create conversations on (and in many cases you’ll be able to write this content in 30 minutes or less!)
  • 40+ Instant Press Release Templates  you can mix your PR efforts with LinkedIn marketing for even more exposure
  • *New* LinkedIn® Profile Makeover Audio Training Program: How To Create A Results-Driven LinkedIn® Profile That Builds Instant Credibility – LinkedIn® marketing expert Kristina provides you with an in-depth, close look at how we have revamped our clients’ LinkedIn® profiles so they can gain the instant credibility, trust and recognition they deserve from their prospects, potential referral sources and the media.
  • Conversations with the LinkedIn Marketing Masterminds – The Conversation With The LinkedIn® Marketing Masterminds Audio Program brings together the LinkedIn® marketing expert who created the first and only Instant LinkedIn® Marketing Templates available anywhere with the woman who literally wrote the book on LinkedIn®
  • How to Attract Prospects and The Media To Your LinkedIn® Profile & Instantly Impress Them! Walethia Aquil interviews Kristina on how to impress prospects, potential referral sources and the media in just 90 seconds with your LinkedIn® profile.
  • The LinkedIn® Profile Mistakes You Are Undoubtedly Making! During this interview Christine Marek drilled Kristina for 30 minutes on the mistakes most business professionals are making on LinkedIn® and how to fix it.

With our maximum support program, you’ll get all the templates described above PLUS the testimonials special report PLUS 2 LinkedIn profile reviews PLUS our training programs PLUS FREE Next Steps Strategy Session for just $247!

If you need further support for your organization, email Kristina at [email protected] and ask her about our LinkedIn marketing consulting for small businesses or our LinkedIn marketing consulting for organizations.