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3 things you should bring to a job interview

So you’ve made it to the final stage of the hiring process – the job interview. Nerves are running high and you can hardly contain your excitement. You’ve already left the house nice and early and are dressed smartly to impress the employer. Is there anything you’ve forgotten?

Most job seekers turn up to interviews with nothing but themselves and a firm handshake. Whilst this is quite common, if you want to make a better impression you should take a few things with you.

Here are 3 things you should bring to a job interview:

A pen and paper

Taking a notepad and a pen with you to an interview shows how dedicated you are to the role. It makes a great first impression, and the interviewer will see that you are taking it seriously.

If there is anything important during the interview that you need to remember, you can make a note so you don’t forget. Taking a notepad will also allow you to write…

A list of questions

Prepare some questions in advance of the interview and take them with you. A job interview isn’t just about answering their questions, and if you have any queries of your own you should ask whilst you have the chance.

This will show the employer how interested you are in the role, and create additional conversations which could further increase your chances of success. You should avoid however asking how well you did in the interview, and also about the salary.

Unless the employer approaches the subject of salary, it is typically better to leave it alone. That can be discussed further if you receive a job offer. You should also never ask how well you did at the end, as this will put everyone in an awkward position.

Direct your questions towards the role and the daily tasks and responsibilities. Show the employer how keen you are to learn about the role and the company’s goals.

Copies of your CV

Take a few copies of your CV along to the interview in case the manager forgets to bring theirs. Again, this is all about being prepared and making a great first impression. If the manager is struggling to locate yours amidst their pile of paperwork, you can save the day by quickly whipping out a copy.

Having a spare copy of your CV may also help you to swot up during your bus or train ride to the interview. Try to remember all the key points of your CV so you can easily answer any questions.

“Bringing a hard copy does two things—it refreshes his memory of why he likes you so much, and it makes you look prepared for anything.” : Jessica Klieman, The Muse

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