4 great questions to ask at a job interview

A job interview is typically all about answering the employer’s questions, but that doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t ask some of your own. If done at the right time and with the right questions, it can be a very effective way of impressing the interviewer.

Asking questions in a job interview can help ease your nerves, but more importantly it will show the employer that you care and are clearly passionate about the role. If this is something you’ve never really thought about and would like to know more, here are 4 great questions to ask at a job interview.

Importance of Questioning During an Interview

Can you tell me more about the daily tasks and responsibilities of the role?

This is the perfect question to ask as it demonstrates you are interested in the job. It isn’t enough to simply attend the interview, and the employer would always want that little bit extra from a candidate to truly show that the company and the role matters to them.

However, don’t ask the question as it’s worded above and instead look to change it to suit the role. You don’t want the employer assuming you know nothing about the role as this will end in disaster. Make it clear to them that you have a good understanding of what’s expected, and word the question accordingly and be more specific.

Can you tell me more about the department and team I would be working with?

This question follows on nicely from the previous one, and again will show a commitment and keen interest in the role and company. However, this question delves outside of your own daily tasks and shows an interest in the department or team as a whole – a great way to demonstrate some thoughts towards team working.

Can you describe the culture of the company?

Asking this type of question would allow you to decide if this is the right place for you to work. Any question you ask in an interview will help towards impressing the employer, but this question will also give you a better understanding of how they treat their employees.

Some businesses like to offer colourful comfy sofas in the break room along with a couple of Playstations, whilst others focus more upon remaining a little more formal. If you are looking for a fun and wacky company then this would of course be important to you. If not, then you may not worry as much about this, but it still may help you to decide if the company is the right fit for you.

Understanding Company Culture

What would you expect of me in the first 3 months?

Some companies have a training and probationary period in which you would need to pass through to remain with the company. This allows both you and the employer to figure out in the early stages if this is the right role for you.

Again, this question will help you to decide if this is the right company for you. Does the training seem to be lacking, or are you confident the company is going to provide everything you need to become a valued team member?

Try to find out as much as you can during the interview so you can weigh up the difficulty involved. Some companies may gloss over this and assume you would breeze through the first few weeks, but that doesn’t mean to say you will if it isn’t something you’ve done before.

Finally, the more you know about the role and what’s expected of you within the first few months, you can better plan ahead in case you are offered the role. Also, with each answer that’s given to the above questions you are in a great position to respond with confirmation of your skills and experience to further demonstrate your relevance to the role.


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